Friday, January 17, 2014

CTC Membership Update for Mid-January 2014

I searched thru the 2013 Roster and found a few members that had paid for a one year membership during the last three months of 2013.  In order to keep these members,  I extended their membership until December 31, 2014.

As of our recent January 9th meeting,  we were able to enlist 30 new members.  By adding the carry overs from 2013 and a few that signed on thru PayPal, our membership now stands at 38 paid thru 2014.

For those of you who attend our council meetings, I'm sure you can agree that these meetings are quite interesting and exciting.  We usually have some great speakers, including a lot of important information that is passed on to us from our elected officials or their representatives.

Again, I wish to announce that all Clairemont residents are WELCOMED at our meetings and if you enjoy what you learn, hopefully you will consider becoming a fully-paid CTC member, and bring along a neighbor or a close friend.  The membership fee is very small for what you gain by becoming a member.  I hope to see a lot of new faces at our next meetings.
As a reminder, the annual Fees are as follows:
  • Senior 55 years and older, and Veterans ($10/year)
  • General membership, below age 55, includes immediate family members ($20/year)
  • Non Profit business fees ($30/year)
  • Profit type business ($50/year)
If you pay your fee at the door, each member will be given a written receipt. You can also mail in a check or pay on line, go to the CTC website and you can enroll using PayPal. Or mail your check to the address on the CTC Website.

Rick Richard
Director East
Chairman, Membership Committee

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