Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Council Connection: Clairemont Family Day -- This Saturday

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Council Connection: July 2014

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Clairemont Family Day

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Politifest 2014

Clairemont Town Council is once again proud to actively participate in this year's Politifest, hosted by Voice of San Diego.

This annual event is a family friendly festival featuring community booths, activities, music, beer and smart conversations about San Diego's future. This year, Politifest will focus on three important fundamentals impacting our region: jobs, schools and housing.

In 2012, Clairemont Town Council led the way becoming the first community council in San Diego to participate and sponsor a booth. Last year, City Heights, Hillcrest, and other communities followed our example and joined in the discussions about our region's future.

Come bring the family for this civic extravaganza Saturday, August 9th at Liberty Station's Central Promendade from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

For more information, please visit the Politifest website.

SANDAG Trolley Station Design

President's Letter: July 2014

We just went through one cycle of elections, but it's not over yet!

For the June 3rd Primary, voter turnout was just absolutely abysmal across the board. Statewide, 25% of voters turned out to vote. Countywide, it was marginally higher at 27%. Imagine that. One out of every four voters showed up.

Clairemont, at least, votes. As usual, we had one of the higher turnouts of any community in San Diego. Maybe we just love exercising our right to vote, or maybe we're just one of the few communities that is educated enough to care. Who knows? Perhaps we should have a Clairemont-wide discussion on this issue. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Moving forward, however, Clairemont will be home to two major political races this November. The only San Diego City Council election still being contested is the race in District 6, which includes much of Clairemont east of Tecolote Canyon, as well as Kearny Mesa, Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley, and parts of Rancho Peñasquitos. Also, our Congressional election this year is considered such a toss-up, that national pundits are calling it one of the top 10 elections nationwide.

So, brace yourself! There's more mail, ads, jockeying, lies, half-truths, rumors, and flyers left to be seen. Also, if campaigns come by and put signs on your property without your permission, you have a right to take them down. This happened several times during this last election to a few of our neighbors. Be smart. Don't let them fool you!