Monday, June 17, 2013

Regency Centers Update on Balboa Mesa

The Clairemont Town Council has not endorsed or opposed the Balboa Mesa project, and is posting the following information from Regency Centers as an informational update.


Community Input Shapes Design Changes for Proposed In-N-Out Burger

PDF: Map of Balboa Mesa Project Improvements

In February, Regency Centers presented a renovation plan for Balboa Mesa Shopping Center, including the addition of an In-N-Out Burger, to the Clairemont Community Planning Group, which voted 9-2 to support the proposal and recommend approval to the San Diego City Council. 

As part of the redevelopment process, Regency has actively sought out feedback from the community and the City. In fact, more than 350 Clairemont Mesa residents have signed support cards in favor of the project. 

Clairemont Community Schools President and project supporter Julee Jenkins explains why, "Clairemont residents are strongly in favor of the Balboa Mesa renovation with the In-N-Out Burger. This project will bring many benefits to our community, including revitalizing a vacant corner in a prominent part of our community." 

However, the redevelopment of the Vons-anchored center located at the corner of Balboa and Genesee Avenues is not supported by everyone. Residents in the nearby Pacific Bluffs condominium complex are concerned about the impact of a drive-thru restaurant. 

In an effort to meet residents' needs, Regency has held several meetings with condominium representatives which have resulted in a number of design changes to address noise, odor, lighting and visual concerns. For example, a six-foot masonry sound wall will be added, the drive-thru lane will be dropped below street level, and dense landscaping will shield the building from view. 

Further challenged by the Mayor's office, Regency worked closely with In-N-Out Burger to make additional design improvements, including the removal of street-facing signage and the addition of mature trees and a landscaped berm to further block visibility and sound from nearby residents. In-N-Out Burger also plans to relocate the menu board and speaker box, drive-thru lane and dumpster area away from the Genesee Avenue.

"Regency is committed to being a good neighbor and working with the community to minimize concerns," said Gregg Sadowsky, senior market officer with Regency Centers. "We have worked very hard to enhance the appearance, retail options and shopping experience at this established shopping center that will serve the Clairemont Mesa community for many years to come." 

Regency has already begun work on the first phase of the center's renovation, including the addition of an 8,100-square-foot retail building and an outdoor plaza and eating area at the highly visible corner of Balboa Avenue and Genesee Avenue. New center fa├žade, parking lot improvements, new pedestrian pathways, upgraded signage and landscaping will further improve the center's traffic flow and appearance. 

Other project supporters include the Clairemont Hills Kiwanis, Clairemont Times Editor Chris O'Connell, Clairemont Town Council President Ryan Trabuco and his predecessor Lori Sorbo. 

"Securing an In-N-Out Burger in the heart of Clairemont Mesa will prove that we are an up-and-coming neighborhood," said O'Connell. "I welcome this popular restaurant to Balboa Mesa as it is sure to be a catalyst to attract future investment in our community." 

For more information about the Balboa Mesa renovation, please contact Regency Centers at 858-847-4600.


  1. Interesting. There is what is "said" and what is "done". The same gentleman that this article quotes, Mr. Gregg Sadowsky, with Regency Centers, presented a no-rezoning proposal (essentially a "deviation" to the zoning) to multiple groups of citizens in Clairemont. He assured me that that plan was the same one Regency presented to all community groups and city staff. So what was just released by the city's Development Services dept? Regency's plan to rezone the property! I'm all for a good burger, but Clairemont needs smart planning even more. Let's stick with the already-approved redevelopment plan...just as many (possibly more) new restaurants and zoning that supports healthy growth long-term.

  2. I agree we need more upscale places to eat, we are not low class people here. However In & Out Burger is the healthiest of all fast food. Look at the American Heart site. Excited about all the plans, starting to feel that I am not living low class anymore, finally the area is improving to meet the type of population that is moving into this area, " professionals". Thank you Regency