Wednesday, June 3, 2015

President's Letter: June 2015

Thank you again to all those who attended, volunteered, and helped sponsor last month's Clairemont Garden Tour. It was our most successful ever -- over $10,000 raised toward our Clairemont Town Council community grants.

For more information on our grants, please visit our website:

Movies in the Park is coming up this month -- Saturday, June 20th at North Clairemont Community Park at 7:00pm.

We will be screening the Academy-Award winning animated film "Happy Feet" (Rated PG). Come on out for family-friendly entertainment, games, and prizes!
There's been a ton of e-mails and phone calls about the downed Clairemont sign at Balboa Ave and 805, and there's been diligent communication between the Town Council and Councilman Chris Cate's office in working to get that sign back up. (H/T to Ralph Petrozello for the pictures.)

Awesome props to city council staffer Allen Young on working with us to speed up replacement efforts.

Clairemont Town Council's next meeting will be held Thursday, June 4th at 6:30pm. We will hear a presentations from Circulate SD and the D6 Bicycle Advisory Committee. Also, as we continue to go over Bylaws, we will be voting on an updated section for the Town Council's endorsement process, and we'll hear an updated proposal on our membership section. Bylaw proposals can be found on our website:

As always, given that we are a membership organization, we encourage participation as a member of our Clairemont Town Council. If you haven't already updated, renewed, or joined the Clairemont Town Council, you're always welcome! Membership starts at $10 for Seniors, Students, and Veterans, $20 for General Membership, $30 for Non-Profits, and $50 for Businesses. For more information on joining and becoming a member, please visit

Working for you, Clairemont!

Ryan Trabuco
CTC President

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  1. Not sure previous post went through.
    Why is it taking so long to get the debris removed from the median for the Clairemont sign that was destroyed over three weeks ago? It is a safety hazard and someone will get hurt when it gets blown into the street (not to mention it is a huge eyesore). I have contacted Cate's office twice on this already. I volunteered my time and materials to "freshen" this sign last I now have to personally remove the debris from the median? Where are our city services?