Tuesday, May 5, 2015

President's Letter: May 2015

First off, very BIG THANK YOU to all our Garden Tour attendees, sponsors, homeowners, and this year's organizing committee!

We also want to thank the band, Millionaire Beach Bums, who played at one of our gardens. These kids are super talented, so go ahead and check out their website (millionairebeachbums.com). The Clairemont Town Council has also donated towards their college fund.

19 years running, and we've seen exponential growth and participation on our tour over the last 4-5 years. Last weekend's Garden Tour was our most successful -- ever!

This bodes very well for the Town Council moving forward. As we finish consolidating all of the comments, suggestions, and ideas from this year, it will no doubt help us plan for an exciting 20th anniversary Garden Tour next year.

If you would like to volunteer, showcase your garden, or help sponsor next year's 20th Annual Clairemont Garden Tour, please let us know by e-mailing GardenTour@ClairemontOnline.com.

Next month, our next big event is our summer-long Movies in the Park to be held in June, July, and August. More details to follow as we assemble an awesome mix of family-friendly films and activities.

In the wake of some unnecessary shootings and crime activity lately, we want to thank our friends and officers at SDPD Northern Division, for the tough job of protecting our community, and for quickly apprehending those suspects involved. It's tough to be a cop. Thankfully, we feel better knowing that America's Finest officers are doing their absolute best to serve and protect us here in Clairemont and throughout San Diego. Kudos to the men and women of Northern Division!

The Clairemont Town Council plays an important role in our community. We have been Clairemont's voice and conscience for over 60 years. Our purpose and objective is to provide a forum for discussion of community issues, take a stand on those issues as authored by our members, and communicate those views to the appropriate organizations, as well as sponsor programs (Garden Tour, Movies in the Park) that benefit Clairemont.

Yes, we encourage more folks to attend our meetings. Yes, we encourage our neighbors to join as members. However, as many of us have seen on Nextdoor, sometimes that's not enough.

There are some folks, our neighbors, who don't even know we have a town council, a planning board, a chamber of commerce, an educational foundation, a theatre troupe, etc. Some may not know how to get involved, and there are others who don't know what that first step would be, or who to contact, in eliciting a critical change to better our community.

That's why we are here. That's why the Clairemont Town Council was founded 60 years ago. That is also why we are here to help you. So, if you have an idea, want to see some change, or have any questions about what's going on in our community or the Clairemont Town Council, please don't hesitate to contact us via our website (www.clairemontonline.com), by email (contact@clairemontonline.com), or by phone (858.480.9430).

Clairemont Town Council's next meeting will be held Thursday, May 7th at 6:30pm. We will hear a presentation from our Clairemont libraries, and our guest speakers will be San Diego Convention Center Boardmember Gil Cabrera who will provide a status update of our region's Convention Center, and Nancy Hartley give us an update on the re-organization of UCAN (Utility Consumers Action Network) and their efforts. Also, as we continue to go over Bylaws, we will be voting on an updated section for Standing Committees, and hearing an updated proposal for the Council's endorsement process.
    As always, given that we are a membership organization, we encourage participation as a member of our Clairemont Town Council. If you haven't already updated, renewed, or joined the Clairemont Town Council AND you purchased a Garden Tour ticket, you can join the Council for $5 at Thursday's meeting.

    Working for you, Clairemont!

    Ryan Trabuco
    CTC President

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