Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Morena Blvd Update

The last time you heard from me, City Council District 2 was vacant. Last week, longtime lifeguard and retired Marine Ed Harris was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the election of now-Mayor Faulconer. Councilman Harris will serve our Bay Ho, West Clairemont, and Bay Park communities until December.

KPBS interviewed our newly appointed city councilmember.

If you live in those communities, feel free to reach out to Councilman Harris and connect with him and our District 2 staff on those issues important to you (as of this writing, the city has not updated their District 2 webpage, although staff information is available). We've already invited Councilman Harris to attend one of our upcoming CTC meetings to introduce himself.

At last night's Clairemont Community Planning Board meeting, a lively discussion was had by over 100 Bay Park residents on the importance of protecting the character and historical importance of our neighborhoods. The Planning Board took several votes on recommendations to city staff on restricting any zoning or height increase changes along Morena Blvd.

As we've learned, this issue is not put to rest just yet. There's still plenty more to do.

First, city staff has opened the door to hosting a series of informational meetings about the Morena Blvd. study in Bay Park. Once we know when and where those meetings are going to be held we will certainly let you know.

One of the great organizing tools that has been utilized throughout this Morena Blvd. discussion -- and was discussed last night -- has been Nextdoor. Many Bay Park residents contacted their neighbors about flyers, meetings, and shared very useful information through their Nextdoor website to help spread the word about the issue. There are over 1,500 residents throughout Clairemont and Bay Park who are using Nextdoor in their neighborhoods.

For full disclosure, I am employed by Nextdoor as a Field Organizer. So, without spending too much time on this topic, if you'd like to join your neighborhood conversation on there, please click here. If you have questions about Nextdoor, shoot me an e-mail.

Second, with all these back-and-forth meetings between city staff and the Clairemont Planning Board, the absolute final decision rests with the San Diego City Council. A final vote on this issue isn't expected until sometime in 2015. However, that means your vote for the upcoming city council races in Districts 2 and 6 are all the more important.

As such, Clairemont Town Council, the Clairemont Chamber of Commerce, and the Morena Business Association are co-hosting a candidate forum for both San Diego City Council Districts 2 and 6. Since our Clairemont community was unfortunately split during redistricting (we fought against this), the CTC Board decided to host both districts given overlapping community and city interests. Janet Poutre, Publisher of the Clairemont Community News will serve as our moderator.

For District 2, the candidates invited are Sarah Boot, Lorie Zapf, and Mark Schwartz. For District 6, the candidates invited are Carol Kim, Mitz Lee, and Chris Cate.

We are soliciting questions to be asked from community members to our invited city council candidates. We are encouraging district-specific and citywide questions. If you have a question you'd like to ask, you may submit them here.

For your convenience, we've attached the district maps for both below:

District 2
District 6

Finally, at the Planning Board meeting, City Council staff members Steve Hadley (District 2) and Shirley Owen (District 6) presented their joint "Links to Clairemont Projects" document to those in attendance who have not yet seen it. We want to share this with you again (we had thousands of page views on this document, so people are interested!). The list includes information about current proposals, development, and construction projects going on in, and around, our Clairemont community.

Please share this with your neighbors as information!

To see this document in full-view, click here.

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