Monday, March 18, 2013

Clairemont Garden Tour 2013

The Clairemont Garden Tour

This year's Garden Tour on May 4th will be an event you won't want to miss! The Clairemont Garden Tour boasts an amazing set of gardens handpicked by the Clairemont Town Council's Board of Directors. This year's bounty of beautiful new gardens that promises to be even more breathtaking than last year’s, when some gardens were so enthralling they were difficult to leave. Clear your day so you can linger in each garden until you experience the joy and fulfillment only nature inspires.

Last year’s first-place winner, Jim, will showcase his garden again this year for those of you who may have missed it in 2012. Jim's garden consists of many orchids, lush tropical palms and exotic bromeliads. The varieties of plants are far too numerous to list, as he has been tending his garden with love for several decades. This marks the first time in Garden Tour history that we're showcasing a previous year’s winner. Don't miss this opportunity to see Jim's garden.


The gardens range widely in form and purpose: there are decorative gardens,  tropical gardens, food gardens, and methodically crafted sustainable gardens. The Clairemont Garden Tour also promises to exhibit myriad returning artists as well as people showcasing their work for the first time.

You won’t want to miss the 17th Annual Clairemont Garden Tour this May 4th. These fastidiously kept gardens are reflective of an aesthetic sensitivity and dedication that is reflective of the spirit of the Clairemont community. Each gardener undoubtedly spends months, even decades, tending their gardens, elevating the activity of gardening from the mundane drudgery of manual labor to a constantly changing, living work of art.

The Clairemont community is centrally located in beautiful San Diego, California. Many homes have breathtaking canyon and ocean views. This topography creates the perfect backdrop for our Garden Tour. The Clairemont Town Council works diligently to create a forum for discussing the issues that arise in our community and is firmly committed to improving the community in every way we can. By offering a platform to review the conflicts and issues that face the Clairemont community, the Town Council creates the kind of discourse that allows the people of Clairemont to address and amend these problems.

The Clairemont Garden Tour is our main fundraiser and provides the funds our community grants every year. It’s still early enough to submit your garden and contribute in many other ways. It truly takes a village! Email: to let us know how you can help out.

One of the other ways the Town Council works to improve the community is by bringing the whole of Clairemont together to celebrate holidays and the seasons. Well, spring is in the air and summer is riding fast its tail. The gardens will be in full bloom. These colorful gardens will be a welcome relief after our long, cold, and rainy winter. Be sure to kick your summer off right with your family and friends and usher in the new seasons with our invigorating Clairemont Garden Tour!


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